Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What is a spokesmodel?

Katie Maier Photography is looking for high school juniors that are outgoing and willing to be spokesmodels! What is a spokesmodel? Basically just like it sounds...a model that speaks. To be more precise it is a model that promotes and advertises for KMP at their school to their friends and classmates. Spokesmodels will receive $75 off their session, a Facebook timeline cover, an online sharable photo gallery, and marketing material with their images!!

I'm looking for guys and gals in the class of 2014 that are outgoing, friendly, not afraid to be themselves and are not shy in front of the camera. I'm looking to get these sessions done before the end of the current school year so my reps can promote me to their friends before the end of the school year. So say you don't want your senior pics done in the spring? No problem. We can have a mini-senior session now to use for promotional materials and then have a full session in the summer or fall. Sound like something you or someone you know would want to do? Contact me and I will get you all the details and let you know how to apply!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Worst blogger ever?

So I am sitting here in bed responding to some emails and wedding inquries and realized I haven't blogged since December 12, 1945...ok so not that long, but a really long time! I must be one of the worst bloggers ever.

It's not like I don't want to blog and share my thoughts and insights about photography with you but to me getting my clients their pictures is most important and I put blogging on the back burner as they say. This is the first time in over a year that I am actually caught up on editing. Well, if you don't count my family pictures. I guess they are even put after blogging.

My goal/plan/wish is to blog more and showcase each session that I do. The good old FB is not very friendly to businesses that have "pages" these days and often times most of my fans don't see my I am hoping that blog posts will reach more of you and also showcase more of my work.

Here is some of my most recent work.

~Ellie- Newborn Session~


 Thanks for reading/viewing. I am booking sessions for April, May, June & July plus weddings into 2015! If you are thinking about a session, let me know! Mention you read my blog and I'll give you a discount!

More pictures of Ellie and her amazing adventure into this world is coming soon!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Editing Status

I'm working on hard to get everyone's pictures and memories edited! As many of you know, this little boy inside me has been reeking havoc on his mama's body, so I haven't been able to work as fast as I usually can. But I am feeling better and wanted to let you know the status of your pics.   
Here is my current edit list:

Friday, January 20, 2012

Photographer's Challenge Weeks 2 & 3

I did do "week 2" last week but haven't posted it yet so I am going to post weeks 2 & 3 together! For week 2 the subject was clouds. Being winter in MN clouds mean the whole sky is one huge cloud or there are no clouds, so I actually captured this picture last summer. Check out the amazing sky!

Week 2:

This week's challenge is the color RED. I did a session with some wonderful girls last June and they were so great and really loved the balloons. I loved how this turned out.

Week 3:

Remember you can participate too! See "Week 1" for details! Thanks!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Photographer's 52 Week Captures Challenge

One of my New Year's Resolutions this year is to blog more! So when  I came across this Photographer's Challenge on FB from Photographer's Connection I decided it would be a good way for me to blog and share each week plus also take some fun pictures! Everyone is welcome to participate too! Week One is a self portrait. I have noticed since becoming a photographer the less and less I am actually in pictures so it is good to be forced to take pics of yourself. I actually took this with my husband's ipad, but hey it's a self portrait, right? Also, my darling babe, Ainsley is captured too. Hope you enjoy checking in each week!

Week 1: Self Portrait

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Editing Checklist!

If you are wondering where you stand in the order of editing here is my list. I have crossed off the names of the sessions that are done so you can see where you are in line. I will let you know as soon as your pics are uploaded to my website.

Updated 10/27/11
1. Levin
2. Bondeson
3. Libert
4. Hayek
5. Peterson
6. Trytten
7. Cahill
8. Hendrikson
9. Cavalier
10. Thull/Myhran
11. Bohn
12. Pratt
13. Cook
14. Drasher
15. Lindholm
16. Seifert
17. Trytten-part 2

Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Between Friends Sale- Eagan, MN

Last summer when I my friend, Sarah, and I were both pregnant she asked me if I had heard of Just Between Friends (JBF) and I hadn't. She suggested that I go to the sale in Maple Grove in the fall, so Ryan and I went. We came away with some great finds...a bassinet, bouncy seat, changing station & pad, jogging stoller and some other goodies! I thought it was a crazy-but-awesome consignment sale. Since last October, I have been following JBF on Facebook. This summer I saw a post from Katy on the JBF-Eagan FB page looking for local vendors to have at their Eagan sale. I quickly emailed them to let them know I was interested. Pregnant women, children, babies and families are my total target market so I was excited! Kris emailed back and said they already had a photographer booked. Needless to say I was pretty disappointed. Then few days later she emailed me back to say that they were going to allow me to come as a vendor! I was excited and a bit overwhelmed. I had lots to get ordered and ready before the sale!

I ordered my table runner first. I wanted to have a quailty looking sign and didn't want anything that I would have to figure out how to hang up. And table runner was a cheaper option than buying a printed table cloth. Plus I thought that having the table cloth and runner different colors would stand out more. What do you think? Did it work?

I then had to decide which prints I wanted to order and which ones to enlarge. Of course if I was going to invest in some canvases and large prints I would want them to be some that I could have in my own home, so I ordered a couple of my daughter, Ainsley.

It took a lot of planning and organzing to get ready but the day of the presales, I was ready to get setup! I was actually the first vendor to show up! I got all of my stuff set up and immediately people started coming over to talk to me.

Being a vendor at the JBF sale was my first experience having a table for my business and I feel it was a success. I booked a baby session and had over 100 people sign up to win a free portrait session. I handed out lots of business cards and made lots of connections! I hope I get the opportunity to be a vendor at another JBF sale.

If you have never been to a Just Between Friends Sale, you should check them out.